I can bring your software/game development project from concept to publishing.

What I can do for you

My current expertise lies in game development, but my experience goes way beyond that.

Getting the job done right

Check out some (select) samples of my work.

I am a highly reliable professional with over 30 years of software/game development experience, 20 of which in a professional capacity.


Besides programming, my main skill, I can also draw (by hand and digitally), and do high quality 3D modeling (including texturing, rigging, animating, baking/rendering, etc).

High Quality Standards

All code is extremely clean, object-oriented, amply commented (in English), and developed with performance, security and maintainability in mind.

Team Player

I’m used to work in teams, including taking up leading/training roles, either locally or remote.

Best Practices

I usually follow an Agile approach to every project, tracking every task through JIRA, VSTS, ZenHub, etc, and all code is versioned through Git (using the Git-Flow strategy), although I do have experience with other code versioning systems too.

Some of the companies I had the pleasure to work with in the past.

Average work hours per week

Max source code lines on a single project

Estimated total projects

Max MAU for a single project